“Welcome to Motherhood!”

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So, I know I’ve said that this blog is not just about being a mum, I stand by that. But the thing is I have to go through my phases of motherhood to get to what else is there. Being a mother is a massive part of my life, and believe me I’ve got a lot to say about it and this is just the beginning!

As previously mentioned, I  hate when people say “Welcome to Motherhood!” It’s so condescending and it pretty much invalidates every feeling you have as a person because you’re now a member of the “MOTHER-HOOD”.

“I’m so tired”, I would say.

“WELCOME TO MOTHERHOOD!” Some Baby Boomer would chant in a, you guessed it, condescending tone.

… No. I have always been this tired, I have always been this air headed and yes I have always been this depressed.

Because I am somewhat classified as a young mother, I had quite a few people trying to prove to me that I wasn’t ready. When in reality… every new mother is ALWAYS tired, forgetful and a little down at times!

Yes, some people say it to mean well. But I swear to God majority of people who have said this to me, were trying to prove a point, that I was ill equipped for motherhood.

You know whats worse than another mother saying that? SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T HAVE CHILDREN! Not sure what would possess a childless person to say it. Arrogance maybe? Ignorance? Who knows.

So please… Don’t ever say “Welcome to Motherhood” to a new mother, unless you mean it in a congratulatory sense and please don’t say it if they’re clearly struggling, you just invalidate their feelings and it’s a shit move.

Obviously this is not the worst thing that’s been said to me… But it’s definitely the most annoying.

Pretty much just avoid saying anything to a new mother because WE ARE CRAZY. We are unpredictable, we are like scared little hermit crabs, who just want to hide in their shells and avoid loud encounters.

Know what else triggers us?

Pretty much anything else that might insinuate that we have no idea what we are doing.

I mean, it’s the truth… But you’re not meant to actually say it out loud!

On a serious note I feel so honoured to have some amazing mums apart of my support system, even mums I’ve never met but have connected with over social media, it’s amazing how close you can feel! My biggest bit of advice to anyone new to the Mother-Hood, is that you should reach out! To anyone! You are not alone in your struggle, find a play group, hell find a mum group on FaceBook! But not a shit one with petty people who aren’t for supporting another mothers struggle, we don’t like those people.

People say shit things, but trust me there are so many people in your corner, you just have to sift through the negative Nancy’s.

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